Comparison of current and proposed GDO Domain Statement

21 days ago

Divisions of the Academy routinely review their mission, goals, and efforts every five years.
GDO's most recent review in 2020 represented a formal opportunity for us to reflect on all of the ways that our world, our communities, and our scholarship have changed and the extent to which our division governance is aligned with those changes. This reflection pushed the Executive Committee to discuss and debate the degree to which our division name (Gender and Diversity in Organizations) and elements of our mission adequately represent the work that we strive to do together.
This document represent revisions that the Executive Committee is proposing to these key aspects of our division governance. Members are asked to review and provide feedback via this form or to Division Chair Eden King.

Please note that this is *one* step of many in the process of making such changes. The proposed language is the result of many conversations, and many more conversations will emerge before any change is finalized. The goal of this particular step is to learn what you- our members- value. We very much appreciate your input in this process, and in the larger work of our community! 

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20 days ago

My preference would be to rename the division: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion which is consistent with how this field is viewed institutionally in organizations. I think Equality (which focuses on the distribution of resources) is a more limited construct than Equity (which focuses on fairness in all processes and procedures - including distribution of resources - which is a broader, and more far reaching construct than Equality).

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