Our Mission:

To generate and disseminate knowledge about gender and diversity within and outside of organizations, to embrace diverse perspectives in organizational research and education, and to support social justice through the inclusion of marginalized voices in members’ research and practice.

GDO Proposed Domain Name Change:
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Organizations (DEIO) (8/1/22)

GDO is updating its division name and domain statement. The proposal is currently being reviewed by other DIGs and the Academy of Management Board Of Governors. Once approval comes from the Board of Governors, the next step will be for a full member vote. Watch for details. You can see the proposed domain statement here. 

Statement on the Dobbs Decision from the GDO Division Leadership (07/04/2022)

The Dobbs decision (Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization) is sending ripples through the political, social, and cultural domains in the United States and beyond. We express solidarity with those voicing concerns about the implications of the Dobbs decision for women's rights.

Topics in our research domain are relevant for informing dialogue and public policy. We urge the GDO community to apply our expertise to support an evidence-based dialogue. More specifically, we encourage consideration of future research borne out of this situation that may support women's rights for health, safety, wellbeing, and careers.

While we recognize a diversity of perspectives on this sensitive issue, we reaffirm the importance of respecting individual decisions, ensuring equity, and protecting fundamental human rights.

- From the GDO division executive leadership team

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    GDO AOM 2022 Highlights
  • New Tales from the Script Posted!

    Check out the summer 2022 edition of the Tales from the Script featuring an interview with Dr. Christian Thoroughgood on his 2021 article in the Journal of Applied Psychology with Drs. Sawyer and Webster called "Because you're worth the risks: Acts of oppositional courage as symbolic messages of relational value to transgender employees". The interview was conducted by Hayden DuBois.

  • 2022 GDO Award Winners Announced!

  • Soliciting applicants for the GDO Division Chief Technology Officer

    The division is now soliciting applicants for the GDO Division Chief Technology Officer. The role description is below. This volunteer position has a 3 year (renewable) term, which commences at the August 2022 AOM Annual Meeting.

    Interested parties are invited to submit a brief statement of interest and qualifications, along with their CV, to GDO Division Chair Joy Beatty. Questions about the role can be directed to our current CTO,Tiffany Trzebiatowski.

    Title: Division Chief Technology Officer

    Overview: This role is part of the Gender & Diversity in Organization’s executive committee. The main responsibilities revolve around addressing all technology-related needs of the division from creating content, to overseeing the distribution of content, to documentation.

    Responsibilities and Duties:

    • Design, create, and update content on the GDO microsite (housed through Connect@AOM)
    • Update awards page after every AOM Annual Meeting
    • Redesign sections of the web page based on requests from executive board members
    • Create new sections of the web page based on requests from executive board members
    • Create content (e.g., flyers) using software (e.g., Canva) to help promote events
    • Work with the social media volunteer to help distribute content
    • Work with the Connect@AOM manager to monitor GDO community discussion
    • At the AOM Annual Meeting, attend the GDO executive meeting, the GDO division keynote, and the GDO business meeting and awards ceremony
      • Help with technology needs at these AOM conference events
      • Document the AOM conference events (take pictures for web page content; upload videos if applicable)
    • Help with all technology-related needs for any programming efforts
      • E.g., Tales from the Script - upload new material to webpage, place material in the library, work with others to distribute
    • Update the library on Connect@AOM when new materials are added to the website
    • Answer any member-related questions that come in through the contact us form

    Preferred qualifications:

    • Knowledge of website creation and maintenance (understanding of HTML is a plus but not necessary)
    • Ability to design visuals and web pages
  • Join GDO for a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the division name and statement

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