Our Mission:

To generate and disseminate knowledge about gender and diversity within and outside of organizations, to embrace diverse perspectives in organizational research and education, and to support social justice through the inclusion of marginalized voices in members’ research and practice.

Message from the Division Chair

Message from Division Chair

April 2020

Dear GDO members

We thought it timely to keep you updated on where things are at with the decision making around the AOM conference. We understand the uncertainty everyone is facing in these challenging times, including the question of what form the AOM conference will take in 2020.  As you will have seen from the posting from  the AOM Board of Governors on 9 April, they anticipate making their decision by 7 May, as they continue to consult with the Divisions and wider stakeholders about what the Annual Meeting may look like in August.  

The full GDO Executive met virtually in March and have continued to interact by email as we have contributed our perspectives to the AOM deliberations.  There was a general sense from the GDO Executive that given our breadth of membership, few members would be likely to attend if it did go ahead because of travel restrictions, health concerns and a lack of funding from the universities. While we wait for the final decision, we have considered options for what segments of the regular GDO program would lend themselves to a virtual delivery, and how these could be managed.

Underpinning any of our considerations is that we take an opt-in approach to allow people with a variety of needs and challenges to do what is best for them, and that we need to recognise the international breadth of our membership with respect to scheduling.  Time zones and how to manage these inclusively will be key. When the AOM Board of Governors make their final decision, we will be in a better position to plan.  In the meantime, if you have ideas about what form virtual sessions could take, please feel free to share them with us the GDO Connect.

We hope you are all keeping well and, through these physically distancing times, you are keeping connected socially, including with your GDO community.

Our best wishes

Alison Sheridan

on behalf of the GDO Executive

23 April 2020


March 2020

Dear GDO members

I hope you are keeping well in these trying times. Across all the countries our members are drawn from, we face the difficulties of COVID-19. There is no doubt we are in completely uncharted territory. None of us could have foreseen the extent of these events six weeks ago, much less six months ago, and we are all going to have to continue to deal with the unexpected in coming months. I am sure, like me, your focus is squarely on keeping those closest to you, be they family, friends and colleagues, safe and well.

At this time of significant uncertainty and disruption, it is vital GDO stays true to our mission to generate and disseminate knowledge about gender and diversity within and outside of organizations, to embrace diverse perspectives in organizational research and education, and to support social justice through the inclusion of marginalized voices in members’ research and practice.

The challenges we face in adapting our teaching and research activities as physical distancing is a priority and may also be an opportunity to share our collective knowledge. Staying connected virtually can be a rich experience. For those who are moving their teaching online for the first time, do not forget that your wider GDO community can be a valuable source of wisdom. Questions you have about online delivery may well be able to be answered by colleagues working across the globe. Let us take the opportunity to build our GDO community ties virtually. There is a growing body of resources available through Connect@AOM. Check them out.

As we see many conferences cancelled across the globe, many will be wondering what is happening with the AoM conference. The AOM leadership is meeting in the first week of April to determine how to handle the Academy of Management Annual meeting in August. To keep up to date with their decision, please monitor this web page.

My best wishes to you all in these difficult times.

November 2019

Alison Sheridan, GDO Chair

Thank you to the members who completed the GDO five year review survey. The closing date has now passed and the keen team of Donna Maria Blancero, Eden King, Sabrina Volpone, Diana Rajendran, Nataly Lorinkova and myself are busy making sense of your feedback. We aim to complete the analysis and report by early February 2020, and look forward to acting on your feedback as we plan our activities from 2020.

Many of you may have not seen our coverage of the Gender and Diversity in Organizations (GDO) Celebration of Success in the AcadeMY News, so we are including it here too.

2019 Celebration of Success

I want to give a big shout out to Donna Maria Blancero, my predecessor as GDO Division Chair.  Donna Maria has been a wonderful mentor and her powerful reminder to us all of our roles as scholars/activists was inspiring. I also need to acknowledge the amazing work done by 2019 GDO Program Chair, Eden King and 2019 GDO PDW Chair, Joy Beatty for putting together such a rich program across the five days.

At GDO we have a suite of awards recognising the extraordinary work of our members, and we take great pleasure in presenting these at our Celebration of Success, just prior to the famous GDO Social Extravaganza on the Monday evening of the AoM conference. Keep this in mind for your scheduling for 2020, as it is a highlight of the conference.

Thanks to the goodwill and diligence of our volunteer members who make up the committees for our awards each year, chaired ably by our GDO Executive Committee members and Representatives at large, we are confident our award winners reflect the values of the GDO and we feel proud to showcase their work.

For this year’s award winning papers at the conference, congratulations to:

  • Seonyoung Hwang, Shainaz Firfiray and Kim Hoque from Warwick Business School who received the Dorothy Harlow Best Conference Paper award for their paper ‘Gender, ethnicity, and emotional responses to daily family interference with work’.
  • Nkosana Mafico (University of Queensland), Anna Krzeminska (Macquarie University) and Charmine Hartel (University of Queensland) for the dual honour of GDO Best Student Conference Paper and the inaugural Best Student Paper for Gender, Diversity and Entrepreneurship for ‘Immigrant social entrepreneurs: Managing organizational tensions with cross-cultural experience.
  • Ashley Martin (Stanford University) for the Best Conference Paper Based on a Dissertation for ‘The divergent effects of diversity ideologies for race and gender relations’.
  • The team of Yang Yang (Rowan University), Hao Chen (Tsinghua University), Alison Konrad,(Western University), Orlando Richard, (U. of Texas at Dallas) and Abdul Rahman Beydoun (Beirut Arab University) for the Faculty Transnational Research Paper Award for their paper ‘Embrace merit and inclusion: Creative gains from linking identity conscious to identity blind climate’.
  • Xaver Neumeyer (University of North Carolina at Wilmington) and Susana Santos (Rowan University) for Best Paper for Gender, Diversity and Entrepreneurship forEntrepreneurial team performance: The effects of gender composition and team dynamics’.

We also recognise our members work beyond the conference. This year’s award winners were:

As one of her nominees noted: ‘Deborah’s outstanding books “Her Place at the Table: A Woman’s Guide to Negotiating Five Key Challenges to Leadership Success” (2004, 2010) and “The Shadow Negotiation: How Women Can Master the Hidden Agendas that Determine Bargaining Success” (2000) have been indispensable sources for women leaders and educators around the world who train them in the gendered intricacies of negotiation. Reflecting the importance of these contributions, Harvard Business Review named “The Shadow Negotiation” one of the 10 Best Business Books of 2000 and the International Association of Conflict Management selected it for its Best Book Award in 2001’.


Planning for AoM 2020

No doubt many of you are now busy with your submissions for AoM 2020. This year Joy Beatty is our Program Chair and Eddy Ng is stepping into the PDW Chair role and both have great ideas for the program.

As the Division is growing, our need for reviewers for the Division’s submissions is also growing. If you haven’t already signed up to be a reviewer for 2020, please do so, especially if you submit a PDW, symposia or paper for the annual meeting.

I look forward to seeing you at the Annual meeting in Vancouver in August 2020 and keep your eye out for the mid-year GDO early career research webinar and for another installment of Tales from the Script planned for 2020.


  • GDO Student AOM Registration Waivers

    Hello Doctoral Students

     As you all know, this year's Academy of Management (AOM) meeting will be primarily virtual. As a result, we will be adapting the traditional GDO Doctoral Student Consortium (DSC) from a full day of face-to-face panels that cover a wide array of topics to an abbreviated deep-dive discussion on a topic that is likely top-of-mind for all late-stage doctoral students - the job market.

    Consistent with the AOM theme of Broadening Our Sights, the Gender and Diversity in Organizations (GDO) Division invites you to join us for a discussion of Unpacking the Myth of "The Good Job": Realistic Job Previews Across Varying Types of Academic Institutions.  During this discussion, you will engage with scholars who will provide a realistic job preview into what it is like to be a junior faculty member across various types of academic settings. We will emphasize that there is no single path to success in academic life and no single definition of a "good job". Panelists will share personal examples of the benefits and challenges of work-life across different types of academic settings (e.g., research-focused; "balanced"; teaching-focused; non-management department; international; etc.) and share strategies for successfully crafting their academic identities in ways that are personally and organizationally meaningful.

    GDO is thrilled to offer up to 15 waivers for AOM registration for doctoral students attending the GDO Doctoral Student Consortium. To be eligible, your proposed research or dissertation topic should fall within the domain of GDO.  We also ask that you commit to attending the entire session on Saturday, August 8 from 8:30 -10:00 AM (EDT).

    These waivers will be awarded on a first come first serve basis, until all the waivers have been awarded.  Please send your name, email, proposed research or dissertation topic, and a statement indicating you are committing to attend the entire DSC to:

    Lex Washington (lex.washington@okstate.edu)
    and copy: Joy Beatty (jbeatty9@emich.edu) and Eddy Ng (eddy.ng@bucknell.edu)

    We look forward to welcoming and meeting you at the GDO DSC.

    Eddy Ng
    GDO PDW Chair

    On behalf of Alison Hall Birch and Jonathan Booth
    GDO Consortia Coordinators

    Eddy Ng
    Bucknell University

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