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AOM Presenter Symposium: Women on Boards, Selection Processes & Dynamics: Pushing Boundaries with New Research Approaches

  • 1.  AOM Presenter Symposium: Women on Boards, Selection Processes & Dynamics: Pushing Boundaries with New Research Approaches

    Posted 08-08-2018 13:23

    AOM Presenter Symposium:  Women on Boards, Selection Processes & Dynamics: Pushing Boundaries with New Research Approaches


    Dear colleagues,

    It is a great pleasure to invite you to join our presenter symposium "Women on Boards, Selection Processes & Dynamics: Pushing boundaries with New Research Approaches"

    Session Type: Symposium Submission: 15066 | Sponsor: GDO, CAR & SIM
    Scheduled: Monday, Aug 13th, 3.00PM – 4.30:00PM at Hyatt Regency Chicago in McCormick 

    The number of academic articles on women on boards (WoB) has increased since the financial crash from 10 to 50 each year (Kirsch, 2017). Whereas early studies (1990's) focused on boardroom processes, the past decade has seen a focus on two areas: the regulatory environments across nations and, with double the number, articles that attempt to link the addition of WoB and elements of firm performance. Understanding external mechanisms and actors of change is important, however, motivations and outcomes are often misunderstood (Terjesen & Sealy, 2016). Performance measures articles focus on the "business case", despite Chairs and senior practitioners indicating that links between individual Outsider/NED directors and accounting measures is spurious (Vinnicombe et al, 2015). These 'Input-Output' studies have formed the basis of a binary argument of the business case versus the social justice case (Seierstad, 2015), and the volume of papers still published is reinforcing assumptions that there must be an input-output link between gender and financial performance. The underpinning assumptions of such studies are often problematic and atheoretical.

    Therefore, as academics, we have a role to play in moving the discussion forward, working more closely with business (Sealy, et al., 2017), and dealing with their realities, to develop new approaches to WoB research (Sealy & Abrahams, 2018). This symposium brings together seasoned and early career academics in this field, focusing on new aspects of and approaches to the fundamental elements of board composition and board dynamics, motivated by the elusive 'holy grail' of what makes the board more effective? We present five projects, with 15 academics, representing 12 institutions, across six countries, suggesting new directions for research. Come and join the discussion!


    Organizers: Ruth Sealy, Exeter University Business School, & Siri Terjesen, American University

    Discussant: Morten Huse, BI Oslo


    Symposium Papers / Presenters (*) and Co-Authors:

    Integrating identity into director selection process and structure

    Cynthia Clark* Bentley University
    Patricia Gabaldon,
    IE Business School, Spain


    Is Corporate Executive Diversity Only Skin Deep? A Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Top-Management Teams and Corporate Board Diversity

    Johanne Ward-Grosvold* , Bath University School of Management


    Female Directors in the CEO In-Group and New Female Director Appointments

    Ting Yao* Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina

    Corinne Post, Lehigh College of Business and Economics

    Diana Bilimoria, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University,


    Board Gender Diversity and Board Dynamics: What is Going On Inside the Boardroom?

    Claude Francoeur*, HEC Montréal, Canada


    Behind the Numbers with Women on Boards: Boardroom Processes that Increase Women's Participation on Corporate Boards

    Louise Tilbury, University of Exeter Business School                                                                                        

    Ruth Sealy*, University of Exeter Business School


    Please feel free to circulate this invitation to other colleagues who might be interested in this symposium. Contact Ruth Sealy (R.Sealy@Exeter.ac.uk) if you have any questions. 

    We hope to see you there!

    Professor Ruth Sealy

    Associate Professor in Management

    Director, Exeter Centre for Leadership

    University of Exeter Business School