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Event notice - SASE Salons

  • 1.  Event notice - SASE Salons

    Posted 05-03-2022 11:25
    GDO members, 
    I am posting this announcement on behalf of SASE (Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics).
    Dear colleagues,
    SASE is proud to announce a new series of events, convened in collaboration with the Digital Futures at Work Research Centre and the University of Limerick, aimed at presenting cutting-edge research from leading thinkers in anticipation of the 2022 annual SASE conference at the University of Amsterdam, "Fractious Connections: Anarchy, Activism, Coordination, and Control" from 9-11 July 2022.
    This series, SASE Salons [https://sase.org/salons], will be open live exclusively to paid SASE members-to join, visit https://sase.org/join-sase/.
    • April 28: "Fragmented work boundaries and digital (dis)connections" with Tony Dundon, Caroline Murphy, Michelle O'Sullivan, and Aida Ponce Del Castillo
    • May 12: "Anarchism in the Business School" with Martin Parker
    • May 17: "Fractious Feminisms and Feminist Solidarities" with Elaine Coburn, Jayati Ghosh, Martha Gimenez, Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Rauna Kuokkanen, Julie Nelson, and Busi Sibeko
    • May 24: "Society and Economy" with Mark Granovetter, Elaine Coburn, and Michel Grossetti
    • June 2: Panel on Ukraine with Alya Guseva, Yuliya Bidenko, Alexander Rodnyansky, and Mariia Shuvelova
    • June 9: "The Rise of the Right in the US" with Arlie Hochschild and Glenn Morgan
    • June 14: "How Digital Media Facilitated and Curtailed the Pro-Democracy Movement in Hong Kong" with Joseph Chan and Francis Lee
    • June 23: "Histories of Racial Capitalism" with Destin Jenkins and Justin Leroy (open to non-members)
    • June, TBD: Panel on Islamic Moral Economy and Finance, speakers TBA
    By joining SASE, you will also have access to the online content of the annual meeting, including all featured speakers and panels, as well as a limited number of hybrid events organized by the networks and mini-conferences. Click here to join [https://sase.org/join-sase/].
    Best wishes,
    The SASE Team

    Joy Beatty
    GDO Division Chair (2021-22)
    Department Head
    Eastern Michigan University