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Summer 2022

Dr. Christian Thoroughgood (Georgia State University)

Hayden DuBois (University of Texas Arlington)

Thoroughgood, C. N., Sawyer, K. B., & Webster, J. R. (2021). Because you’re worth the risks: Acts of oppositional courage as symbolic messages of relational value to transgender employees. Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(3), 399-421.

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Fall 2021 

Dr. Deborah Kolb (Simmons University) 

Belinda Rae
(University of South Austrialia) 

Kolb, D. M. (2004). Staying in the game or changing it: An analysis of moves and turns in negotiation.Negotiation Journal, 20(2), 253-268. 

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Winter 2020 

Dr. David Hekman (University of Colorado Boulder) 

Nicolina Weaver
(University of Texas Arlington) 

Hekman, D. R., Johnson, S. K., Foo, M. D., & Yang, W. (2017). Does diversity-valuing behavior result in diminished performance ratings for non-white and female leaders? Academy of Management Journal, 60(2), 771-797. 

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Summer 2020 

Dr. Carol Kulik
(University of South Australia) 

Mingang Geiger
(West Virginia University) 

Kulik, C. T., Perera, S., & Cregan, C. (2016). Engage me: The mature-age worker and stereotype threat.Academy of Management Journal, 59(6), 2132-2156. 

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Spring 2020 

Dr. Cindy P. Muir (Zapata) (University of Notre Dame) 

Devalina Nag
(University of Memphis)  

Zapata, C. P., Carton, A. M., & Liu, J. T. (2016). When justice promotes injustice: Why minority leaders experience bias when they adhere to interpersonal justice rules. Academy of Management Journal, 59(4), 1150-1173. 

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Spring 2019 

Dr. Belle Rose Ragins (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee) 

Dave Arena
(University of Memphis) 

Ragins, B. R. & Cornwell, J. M. (2001) Pink triangles: antecedents and consequences of perceived workplace discrimination against gay and lesbian employees. Journal of Applied Psychology, 86(6), 1244-61. 

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Summer 2018 

Dr. Katherine Phillips (Columbia University) 

Carlos Moreno
(Rice University) 

Swaab, R. I., Phillips, K. W., & Schaerer, M. (2016). Secret conversation opportunities facilitate minority influence in virtual groups: The influence on majority power, information processing, and decision quality.Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 133, 17-32. 

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Summer 2018 

Dr. Lisa Leslie
(New York University) 

Gabrielle Lopiano
(Emory University) 

Leslie, L. M., Manchester, C. F., & Dahm, P. C. (2017). Why and when does the gender gap reverse? Diversity goals and the pay premium for high potential women. Academy of 

Management Journal, 60, 402-422. 

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Summer 2018 

Dr. David Dwertmann (Rutgers University, Camden) 

Dr. Lisa Nishii (Cornell University) 

Dr. Daan van Knippenberg (Drexel University) 

Vic Marsh
(University of Colorado, Boulder) 

Dwertmann, D., Nishii, L.H., & van Knippenberg, D. (2016). Diversity climate: Synthesizing a diverse field. Journal of Management, 42(5), 1136-1168. 

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