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JAP is expanding keywords for diversity submissions

  • 1.  JAP is expanding keywords for diversity submissions

    Posted 05-27-2022 11:06
    This message was recently shared by Lilian Eby, editor of Journal of Applied Psychology.
    I'm sharing in case GDO members are looking for publication outlets and/or have an interest in reviewing in these DEI areas.

    -- [From JAP/Lilian Eby]---
    #2. With the help of APA's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit, we recently added 31 new content classification terms to better signal our interest in publishing scholarship related to diverse individuals (e.g., transgender, neurodiversity/cognitive diversity, intersectionality), understudied populations (e.g., military personnel/veterans, refugees), structural inequality (e.g., institutional racism, social justice) and related areas (e.g., ageism, benevolent sexism, tokenism). 

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