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Hello from your Incoming Division Chair and Call for Volunteers

  • 1.  Hello from your Incoming Division Chair and Call for Volunteers

    Posted 08-29-2022 12:09

    Hello GDO Colleagues and Friends

    I am thrilled to write to you as the Incoming Chair as we embark on a new chapter of our division. We have received approval from the Board of Governors to change our division name to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Organizations (DEIO) with a corresponding revision to our domain statement. 2023 is also a momentous year as we celebrate the 50th anniversary since the founding of our division as the Status of Women Interest Group (SWIG). To mark this significant milestone, we are working to make the 2023 annual meeting in Boston the best one yet.

    I encourage all of you to engage and participate in many of the division's activities from the Global Ambassador's Program to the Virtual Writing Workshops. We will continue with several important initiatives such as globalizing our division and the creation of an award for Best DEI Practices in B-Schools. In addition, I invite you to help plan and celebrate our division's anticipated name change and mark the momentous occasion of our 50th anniversary. 

    Please sign up for to be involved with a GDO Committee here. I especially encourage our student members to be involved.

    GDO has always been a welcoming division and home for AOM members. Words and actions matter. As we evolve with our new division name and expand our domain of work, we reaffirm our commitment to social justice through the inclusion of equity-deserving groups in our research, teaching, and practice.

    I invite all of us to come together to celebrate each other and showcase the excellence of our division. Please do not hesitate to write me if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or want to be involved.

    Eddy Ng


    Eddy Ng
    Queen's University
    Kingston ON