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Call for Nominations: 2018 Janet Chusmir Service Award

Call for Nominations for the 2018 Janet Chusmir Service Award

Submission Deadline: April 30, 2018

The Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division offers an annual award for outstanding service.  The Janet Chusmir Service Award is presented to the nominee who has made an outstanding contribution to the GDO Division and who has personally served as a mentor and role model for others in the field.

To nominate a GDO colleague (no self-nominations please), submit a letter of nomination outlining the nominee’s outstanding contributions and a copy of the nominee’s vita. Contributions include professional service to the division, work for the advancement of the status and role of professional women and people of color in the Academy, and/or in organizations. Include any supporting information that will help the committee make its decision.

Prior Recipients Include: Diana Bilimoria, Stacy Blake-Beard, Bernardo Ferdman, David Kravitz, Dianna Stone, Belle Ragins, Kecia Thomas, Myrtle Bell, Gayle Baugh, Charmin Hartel, Alison Konrad, Ellen Fagenson-Eland, Sherry Sullivan, Max Wortman, Stella Nkomo, Janet Adams, Lynda Moore, Gary Powell, Dot Moore, and Bette Ann Stead.

Please submit all nominations to Erika Hall, Committee Chair at

GDO Doctoral Student Consortium Invitation

Invitation to Participate

Doctoral Student Consortium (Invitation Only)

Saturday, August 11, 2018

9:00 AM – 2:30 PM

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Consortium Organizers: Dr. David Baldridge and Dr. Eddy Ng

The 2018 doctoral consortium will include an diverse mix of speaker panels and activities designed to provide doctoral students with a realistic preview of scholarly life, including: different career paths, techniques for developing productive research collaborations, and a review of editors’ expectations and advice for drafting quality manuscripts. Students will also have the opportunity for more personalized connections and feedback through a mentor-match coffee to be held after the consortium (or at another mutually agreed to time), in which students are paired with a more senior scholar based on the student’s research interests.

Session 1: Realistic Job Preview: Finding the Right Job and Becoming an Effective Junior Faculty Member

Panelists: Lawrence Houston (Oregon State U.), Tiffany Johnson (Georgia Tech), Brent Lyons (York U.), Amy Tian (Curtin Business School)

This panel of research productive, pre-tenure faculty provides a realistic job preview into what it is like to be a junior faculty member, and strategies they have used to learn and juggle their many roles. We will ask panelists to discuss key developmental experiences and to share advice for new faculty members.

Session 2: Crafting Publishable Papers—Editors’ Panel

Journals Represented & Panelists: Jay Barney (U. Utah), Academy of Management Review;

Ryan Zimmerman (Virginia Tech), Human Resource Management; Lisa Leslie (New York U.), Academy of Management Journal; Christina Stamper (Western Michigan U.), Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal

The panel of current/recent journal editors and associate editors will offer advice on the publication process and preparing publishable manuscripts.  Topics include how to choose an appropriate outlet for a paper, how to tailor the structure of a paper for different journals, and how to successfully navigate the review process. The session will also include time for questions.

Networking Lunch

Participants will have an opportunity to meet GDO Divisional Chair Patrick Mackey (Rutgers U.) and other divisional officers and also network with each other over lunch.

Session 3: Award Winning Scholars: Developing Collaborative Research Relationships

Panelists: Stephan Boehm (St Gallen U.), Parasuraman Award; Curtis Chan (Boston College), Parasuraman Award; Karsten Jonsen (IMS Lausanne), International Faculty Research Award; Isabel Metz (Melbourne Business School), Global Conference: Business & Economics Best Paper Award

This panel of award-winning researchers will share strategies for leveraging one’s research through effective collaborations. Topics include: developing new collaborations with research sites and co-authors, and advice for managing possible issues that can arise in the collaboration process. Panelists will also share their personal experiences in both successful and challenging collaborations.

Session 5: Wrap-Up and Mentor Coffee

Panelists: David Baldridge (Oregon State U.), Eddy Ng (Dalhousie U.)

Students will also have the opportunity for more personalized connections and feedback through a mentor-match coffee in which students are paired with a more senior scholar based on the student’s research interests.

Registration Information for Participants:

Students interested in attending the Gender and Diversity in Organizations Doctoral Student Consortium are requested to submit a vita and a brief statement explaining their interest to both Dr. David Baldridge ( and Dr. Eddy Ng ( Students must be registered for the 2018 Annual Meeting in order to attend the GDO doctoral student consortium. Space is limited, so students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Students invited to attend the consortium will be notified via email.  Please contact Dr. Baldridge or Dr. Ng at the above email addresses with any questions about the consortium.


For More Information:


Eddy Ng and David Baldridge

Call for Nominations – Distinguished Scholarly Contributions

Call for Nominations

2018 GDO Division Award for

Distinguished Scholarly Contributions

The Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division proudly confers an annual award for outstanding scholarship within the GDO domain. This award recognizes a present or past member of the division who has made significant cumulative scholarly contributions advancing our knowledge of gender and diversity in organizations. Scholarly contributions include the creation and dissemination of new knowledge in the form of conceptual, applied, empirical and/or theoretical works.

This award is given for an accumulated body of work. Past winners include:

Uma Sekaran 1991                                                   Robin Ely 2005

Laurie Larwood 1992                                                Marta Calás & Linda Smircich 2006

Kathryn (Kay) Bartol 1993                                        Carol Kulik 2007

Barbara Gutek 1994                                                 Ellen Kossek 2008

Nancy Adler 1995                                                      Stella Nkomo 2009

Gary Powell 1996                                                      Debra Meyerson 2010

Dorothy (Dot) P. Moore 1997                                    David Harrison 2011

Alison Konrad & Belle Rose Ragins 1998                 Dianna Stone 2012

Laura Graves 1999                                                    Ann Marie Ryan 2013

Linda Stroh 2000                                                       Mikki Hebl 2014

Saroj Parasuraman 2002                                         David Kravitz 2015

Karen Lyness 2003                                                  Nancy DiTomaso 2016

Jeffrey Greenhaus 2004                                           Derek Avery 2017

Criteria for consideration includes: 1) the breath or overall scope of the nominee’s work with consideration to her/his contribution to gender and diversity; 2) the depth of the nominee’s research in terms of richness in the exploration of one or more gender and diversity topics; and, 3) impact or significance of research in raising important questions and providing direction for future research in the gender and diversity domain.

This is a wonderful way to honor your colleagues and recognize important work! For nominations, please send a 2-3 page letter of recommendation outlining the nominee’s contributions with respect to the criteria stated above and a copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae. Please confirm that the nominee is a current member of the GDO Division or, if not, the year(s) during which the nominee was a member. Self-nominations are not accepted.

The deadline for nominations is April 30, 2018. Please send your nomination or questions to Yvonne Benschop (Chair, GDO Scholarly Contributions Award Committee) at

Nominate for the GDO Parasuraman Award

March 31 Deadline, AOM GDO Parasuraman Award Nominations, Outstanding 2017 Publication on Gender and Diversity

The Academy of Management GDO Division is currently inviting nominations for the 2017 Saroj Parasuraman Award for the Outstanding Publication on Gender and Diversity. This annual award, honoring Saroj Parasuraman, is given to the author(s) of the publication in a refereed journal judged to have the highest potential to significantly impact our understanding of gender and diversity within organizations.

Only publications with a 2017 publication date will be considered. Publications having multiple authors are acceptable. The year of publication is considered to be the year in which the final published manuscript appeared in either electronic or print version. Articles must have a DOI to be eligible. In press articles are not eligible.

Criteria for evaluation of publications include:

  • the degree to which the research addresses a phenomenon that is of significance to research in gender and diversity
  • the potential impact or significance of the publication on gender and diversity in organizations
  • the degree to which the research displays technical adequacy, including issues of internal validity, external validity, appropriate methodology, appropriate statistical analysis, and comprehensiveness of review (if the publication is a literature review).

Nominations may be made by any member of the Academy of Management and self-nominations are welcome. The Award Subcommittee may also generate nominations. Those evaluating the publications will be blind to the source of the nomination.

Nominations must be submitted via e-mail by March 31, 2018. Publications will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the GDO division, consisting of at least 3 members. The subcommittee will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee about the award-winning publication and, if appropriate, a publication deserving honorable mention status. The Executive Committee may either endorse or reject the recommendations of the subcommittee but may not substitute a nominee of its own. In the absence of a publication that is deemed deserving of the award by both the Awards Subcommittee and the Executive Committee, the award may be withheld.

Please send nominations by e-mail to, David Baldridge Parasuraman Award Committee Chair.


With your nomination, please include:

  1. a complete citation for the article
  2. a brief (1-2 sentences) statement indicating why you believe it is deserving of the award
  3. a pdf version of the nominated article
  4. and confirm that you (the nominator) are a current member of the Academy of Management2018 

We look forward to your nominations!


Parasuraman Award Announcement email 2-20-18

Postdoctoral fellowship opportunity

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

The Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University offers a two-year postdoctoral fellowship that focuses on the Institute’s current theme, “Beyond the Stalled Revolution: Reinvigorating Gender Equality in the Twenty-first Century.” Recent Ph.D.’s in all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences whose research centers feminist, women’s or gender studies are eligible. We encourage scholars with a strong interest in interdisciplinary methods to apply. While in residence at the Institute, Postdoctoral Scholars are expected to participate in Clayman Institute activities throughout the academic year in addition to pursuing their own research.  Our application will be available to access October 1, 2017 through January 11, 2018.

Clayman Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship Application

 Application Opens – Oct 1, 2017

Application Deadline – January 11, 2018 midnight PST

For questions about the postdoctoral fellowship application, please see the Application Details.

Postdoctoral Scholars will participate in our community of Stanford Faculty Research Fellows, Faculty Affiliates, and Graduate Dissertation Fellows through their own research and contributions to our goal of reinvigorating gender equality. Postdoctoral fellow responsibilities will include contributing to the Clayman Gender News service, working with Graduate Dissertation Fellows, participating in our Graduate Voice and Influence Program, and attending our regularly scheduled faculty luncheon discussions.

The Postdoctoral Scholars will play a critical role in our Gender News service, which is the public outreach component of the Clayman Institute and our affiliated scholars. To increase the impact of innovative work on gender equality, the Gender News service publishes articles on gender research for academic and general audiences. Postdoctoral Scholars will write articles for Gender News that include summaries of the latest peer-reviewed gender research, interviews with Stanford Faculty Research Fellows and Faculty Affiliates, and reviews of relevant academic conferences. In addition, our postdoctoral scholars will produce white papers that translate interdisciplinary gender research for a wider audience.

The appointment is for two years. Applicants must have their doctoral degree in hand no later than 30 days prior to the appointment start date, and the start date must be no more than three years after the awarding of their degree. Postdoctoral Scholars will receive a stipend, annual research fund and standard benefits, and are expected to be in residence for the fellowship.  The fellowship begins no later than the start of Autumn quarter in October 2018 and continues through the 2018-19 and 2019-20 academic years.

2018 GDO PDW Call for Proposals


PDW Chair: Eden King, Rice University (

2018 GDO Division Professional Development Workshops: Call for Proposals

The Gender and Diversity in Organizations (GDO) Division invites proposals for the pre-conference professional development workshops (PDW) to be held at the 2018 Academy of Management meeting in Chicago, Illinois. PDW sessions will begin at 8:00AM on Friday, August 10th and conclude on Saturday, August 11th at 8:00PM.

We encourage the submission of PDWs that are interactive and crafted to enhance our members’ knowledge and skills with respect to research, teaching, and practice in the GDO domain. We welcome PDWs that expand our thinking, fostering the generation and contemplation of new possibilities. Submitters should prepare their proposals with reference to the GDO mission:

To generate and disseminate knowledge about gender and diversity within and outside of organizations, embrace diverse perspectives in organizational research and education, and to support social justice through the inclusion of marginalized voices in members’ research and practice.”

The theme of this year’s Academy of Management meeting is “Improving Lives.” We are excited to showcase and celebrate work that addresses the role that organizations can play in enhancing health and well-being in society. The mission of the GDO Division is very much aligned with this theme and there are innumerable ways through which scholarship, teaching, and practice of diversity and inclusion can contribute to the lives of individuals in society. We encourage you to develop PDWs that exemplify or spark such ideals.

Keep in mind that, through our PDW program, we are seeking to provide experiences that best serve the personal and professional needs of our members. Our desire is for PDWs that prompt deep engagement, energize participants and culminate in plans for action, not merely discussions. In this vein, we encourage contributors to consider their PDW submissions from an action perspective and we are more than happy to provide feedback regarding ideas. 

The division is committed to extending our reach – socially, culturally, geographically and across different roles. In the spirit of inclusivity, we welcome proposals designed to facilitate connections and collaborations between our members around the globe. The GDO division solicits PDWs of any form including teaching or publishing workshops, tutorials, debates, roundtable discussions, panels, case studies, and invited speakers; but don’t be constrained by this list. New forms for PDWs are sought too. PDWs provide an opportunity to experiment with new approaches that do not fit within the confines of the regular program, so proposers are encouraged to be innovative in workshop design.

Sessions can include academics, practitioners and representatives from public- and private-sector entities as well as not-for-profits. While submitters have broad discretion in designing proposals, we prefer submissions that are interactive and innovative in nature. Submissions with an interdisciplinary focus are especially welcomed.

GDO pre-conference programming is allotted approximately 22 hours of access to conference facilities and we want to make the most of this time. We invite proposals that can work in more than one of the pre-conference program areas (PDWs, PhD consortium, junior faculty consortium) as these will help to stretch our resources further, while still honoring the three areas’ distinctive goals and constituencies. For example, a PDW that engages with issues relevant to the junior faculty consortium while also being designed to appeal to and serve the professional development needs of participants from the broader membership. Cross divisional proposals, which involve two or more divisions and/or interest groups, are strongly desired.

PDW proposals must be submitted through the Academy of Management’s electronic submission system.

The submission system will be open on November 28, 2017 and the deadline for submission is January 9, 2018 at 5PM Eastern Time (NY time) but earlier submissions are encouraged. If you have questions or would like to discuss a potential workshop idea, please contact the GDO Division’s PDW Chair, Eden King ( To ensure sufficient time to develop your proposal, please forward your general inquiries prior to December 10, 2017.

GDO New Initiatives

1.“Dear GDO

What: Members send in questions. We try our best to provide answers

o Combination of written format and virtual panels

Why: provide professional development content outside the traditional conference/PDW format

2.“Untold stories: The why and how of published research”

OR… “Tales from the Script

oWhat: Q&A with authors

oSpecial emphasis on doctoral students and international member interviewers

oWhy: Promote connections, highlight GDO research, reveal what we can’t always see in the polished, published product

3.“GDO Country Webbies

oWhat: short videos that highlight important diversity & inclusion issues in a particular country or region

oEngage GDO Global Ambassadors as facilitators

oWhy: Education and teaching

4.“Bring your story to GDO

oWhat: Narratives provided by GDO members about: (a) their experiences as member of a particular identity group; (b) “aha” moments when they realized the boundaries of their own understanding

oWhy: To promote reflection and learning; provide food for thought for future research

5.Mid-year Virtual GDO Publishing Workshop

oWhat: Publishing “workshop” modeled after our very successful Jr. Faculty Publishing Workshop PDW

oMultiple reviewers provide joint feedback virtually

oWhy: To reach more people, particularly those who may not be able to attend the annual conference

6.Mentor-match for new members

oWhat: Match new members who will be attending annual conference for the first time with “dream” mentor for a coffee welcome.

oModeled after our very successful mentor-match luncheon for the GDO Doctoral Consortium

oWhy: Facilitate social connections and experience of inclusion that may not otherwise seem possible

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