Sage Award for Scholarly Contributions

Sage Award for Scholarly Contributions
Sponsor: Sage Publications

2022 Nominations are Now Open!
Deadline to submit a nomination: March 15, 2022

About the award: This award is presented annually to a nominee who has made outstanding scholarly contributions to the field. Sponsored by Sage Publishers, this award recognizes a present or past member of the division who has made significant contributions that have advanced our knowledge of Gender and Diversity in Organizations. Scholarly contributions include the creation and dissemination of new knowledge in the form of empirical, theoretical, or applied developments. This award is given for an accumulated body of work.

Nomination instructions: To nominate, click on the button below to submit a letter of recommendation outlining the nominee’s contributions and a copy of the nominee’s vita. Please refer any questions to committee chair Aneika Simmons ( or Division Chair Joy Beatty (

List of past award winners:

Year Recipient University Affiliation (at time of award)
Committee Members
2021 Lisa Leslie New York University

Aneika L. Simmons (chair), Sam Houston State U.

Mikki Hebl, Rice U.
Alice H. Eagly, Northwestern U.
Carol Kulik, U. of South Australia
Oscar Holmes IV, Rutgers U.
Jennifer Kish-Gephart, U. of Massachusetts-Amherst

2020 Quinetta Roberson Michigan State University

Alexis Smith Washington (chair), Oklahoma State U.

Derek Avery, Wake Forest U.
Beth Ann Livingston, U. of Iowa
Maria Baskerville Watkins, Northeastern U

2019 Eden King Rice University

Alexis Smith Washington (chair), Oklahoma State U.
Derek Avery, Wake Forest U.
Oscar Holmes IV., Rutgers U.
Maria Baskerville Watkins, Northeastern U.

2018 Alice Eagly Northwestern University

Yvonne Benschop (chair), Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands

Caren Goldberg, Bowie State University

Sabrina Volpone, University of New Mexico

Derek Avery, Wake Forest University

Douglas Creed, University of Rhode Island

2017 Derek Avery Wake Forest University Lynn Offerman (Chair), George Washington University, USA
Yvonne Benschop, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands
Mikki Hebl, Rice University, USA
Mareen Kilgour, St. Boniface University, Canada
Aneika Simmons, Sam Houston State University, USA
2016 Nancy DiTomaso Rutgers Business School Lynn Offerman (Chair), George Washington University Yvonne Benschop, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands Mikki Hebl, Rice University
Mareen Kilgour, St. Boniface University
Aneika Simmons, Sam Houston State University
2015 David A. Kravitz George Mason University Lynn Offerman (Chair), Maureen Kilgour, Tara Lockhart, Mikki Hebl, Carol Kulik, Y. W. M. (Yvonne) Benschop


2014 Mikki Hebl Rice University David Kravitz (Chair), Susan Case, Yka Fujimoto, David Harrison, David Kaplan, Ann Marie Ryan, Aneika Simmons
2013 Ann Marie Ryan Michigan State University David Kravitz (Chair), Susan Case, Jorge Gonzalez, Stella Nkomo, Belle Rose Ragins, Aneika Simmons
2012 Dianna Stone University of Texas - San Antonio Stella Nkomo (chair), Donna Blancero, Susan Case, Judith Clair, Aneika Simmons
2011 David Harrison University of Texas - Austin Diana Bilimoria (chair), Beth Chung, Eden King, Patrick McKay, Sean Pichler, Ruth Simpson
2010 Debra Meyerson Stanford University C. Douglas Johnson (chair), Belle Rose Ragins, Stella Nkomo, James King, Beth Livingston, Eden King
2009 Stella Nkomo University of South Africa Gwendolyn Combs (chair), Marta Calas, C. Douglas Johnston, Belle Rose Ragins
2008 Ellen Kossek Michigan State University
2007 Carol Kulik University of South Australia Laura Morgan Roberts (chair), Joy Beatty, Beth Chung, Dot Moore and S. Antonio Ruiz
2006 Marta Calás and Linda Smircich University of Massachusetts- Amherst
2005 Robin Ely Harvard University Erica G Foldy (chair), Doug Creed, Ellen Ensher, Joana Young, Stella Nkomo, Laura Morgan Roberts
2004 Jeffrey H. Greenhaus Drexel University Donna Chrobot-Mason (chair)
2003 Karen Lyness  Baruch College, CUNY Marian Ruderman (chair), Chris Mahoney, David Kravitz, Mary McLaughlin, Robin Church
2002 Saroj Parasuraman Drexel University Tony Butterfield (chair), Yvonne Benschop (Executive Committee), Debra Meyerson (Executive Committee)
2001 Not presented
2000 Linda Stroh
1999 Laura M. Graves
1998 Alison Konrad
Belle Rose Ragins
1997 Dorothy (Dot) P. Moore
1996 Gary Powell
1995 Nancy Adler
1994 Barbara Gutek
1993 Kathryn (Kay) Bartol
1992 Laurie Larwood
1991 Uma Sekaran

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