Gender and Diversity in Organizations

GDO New Initiatives

1.“Dear GDO

What: Members send in questions. We try our best to provide answers

o Combination of written format and virtual panels

Why: provide professional development content outside the traditional conference/PDW format

2.“Untold stories: The why and how of published research”

OR… “Tales from the Script

oWhat: Q&A with authors

oSpecial emphasis on doctoral students and international member interviewers

oWhy: Promote connections, highlight GDO research, reveal what we can’t always see in the polished, published product

3.“GDO Country Webbies

oWhat: short videos that highlight important diversity & inclusion issues in a particular country or region

oEngage GDO Global Ambassadors as facilitators

oWhy: Education and teaching

4.“Bring your story to GDO

oWhat: Narratives provided by GDO members about: (a) their experiences as member of a particular identity group; (b) “aha” moments when they realized the boundaries of their own understanding

oWhy: To promote reflection and learning; provide food for thought for future research

5.Mid-year Virtual GDO Publishing Workshop

oWhat: Publishing “workshop” modeled after our very successful Jr. Faculty Publishing Workshop PDW

oMultiple reviewers provide joint feedback virtually

oWhy: To reach more people, particularly those who may not be able to attend the annual conference

6.Mentor-match for new members

oWhat: Match new members who will be attending annual conference for the first time with “dream” mentor for a coffee welcome.

oModeled after our very successful mentor-match luncheon for the GDO Doctoral Consortium

oWhy: Facilitate social connections and experience of inclusion that may not otherwise seem possible

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