Gender and Diversity in Organizations

Past Ad-Hoc Committees

The following are past ad-hoc GDO committees.

By-Laws Revision Committee

2012-2013 Diane Bilimoria (chair), David Kravits, dt ogilvie, Ron Ophir



The AOM Coalition on Faculty Diversity

2007-2008 Belle Rose Ragins and Erika James (co-chairs)


Government External Relations Committee

2005-2006 David Kravitz (chair)




Strategic Planning Committee




Communications Committee




Division Domain Committee




Parasuraman Award Task Force



Ad Hoc Committee on Awards

1999-2000 Kecia Thomas (chair)



Liaison Committee

Mission & History This Committee worked with the Asian/Asian-American Caucus, Gay-Lesbian Caucus, Ibero-American Academy (IAM), and the All-Academy People of Color Committee to coordinate matters of mutual concern.
1998-1999 d.t. ogilvie, Elaine Yakura, Betsy Cooper, Cliff Cheng


Mentorship Committee

Link Networking – Mentorship Program
2003-2004 ?
2002-2003 Ellen Ensher (chair), Belle Rose Ragins (co-chair), Ellen Fagenson Eland (co-chair), Marta Elvira (Executive Committee), David Thomas (Executive Committee)
2001-2002 Ellen Ensher (chair), Belle Rose Ragins (co-chair), Ellen Fagenson Eland (co-chair)
2000-2001 Ellen Fagenson Eland (chair)
1999-2000 Ellen Fagenson Eland (chair)


Newsletter Committee

????-???? Mary Graham (chair), Elizabeth Wilson, Liz Weatherly, Romila Singh


Regional Involvement Committee

2002-2003 Betsy Cooper (chair)


Technology Committee

Mission & History Initiated in 1999-2000 as an ad-hoc committee, to examine the use of technology in our division, identify and evaluate ideas for improving our use of technology, and propose a technology strategy for GDO.
2002-2003 Carolyn Wiethoff (chair), Jeanie Forray (Executive Committee), Karen Proudford (Executive Committee)
2001-2002 Carolyn Wiethoff (chair)
2000-2001 ?
1999-2000 Lynn Bowes-Sperry (chair)
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