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GDO Call for papers and symposia - Vancouver conference

  • 1.  GDO Call for papers and symposia - Vancouver conference

    Posted 11-24-2019 14:16
    GDO Program Chair: Joy Beatty, University of Michigan - Dearborn
    The submission portal for the 2020 Vancouver conference will be opening in early December, and the submission deadline is Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 5:00PM ET.
    The call for papers is listed below. Please feel free to contact me at gdo-jebeatty@umich.edu if you have questions about a potential submission.

    On behalf of the Gender and Diversity in Organizations (GDO) division, I encourage you to submit your paper and symposia proposals for consideration for the Academy of Management meeting in Vancouver, August 7-11.

    The conference theme is '20/20: Broadening our Sight", which highlights the dichotomies and tensions inherent in management work, and asks us to bridge the divide to expand our vision.

    Our work in GDO is well-suited to this theme because we focus on the intersections of individual identity differences, and their influences on individual, group, and organizational processes. Several topics of our domain statement address the inherent tensions and intersections of identity. An example is the impact of organizational policies, practices, and discourses on dominant and marginalized groups, including critical examination of seemingly neutral assumptions underlying them, and their differential impact on these groups. Other examples are the intersection of work, family, and community in relation to one's social position, and institutional and structural barriers to equality and equity across social groups (see here for our division's domain statement). Our research often addresses dichotomies, and I look forward to seeing how our submissions build on the annual theme. 

    The GDO Division recognizes the high quality of our conference papers through the annual awards of the Dorothy Harlow Best Paper Award, the Best Paper based on a Dissertation Award, the Best Student Paper Award, and the Transnational Research Paper Best Award. We also have two new award opportunities focused on the intersection of entrepreneurship, gender, and diversity, sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation. The Gender, Diversity, and Entrepreneurship Awards recognize the best paper and best student paper on these topics. More information our awards is available here.   

    The submission system opens in early December 2019, and the submission deadline is Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 5:00PM ET.

    Joy Beatty
    Associate Professor
    University of Michigan - Dearborn
    Dearborn MI
    (313) 583-6524