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Latest Issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology

  • 1.  Latest Issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology

    Posted 20 days ago

    Journal of Applied Psychology - Vol. 106, Issue 4 TOC

    Apologies for cross-postings. I am pleased to share with you all the fourth issue of 2021 at Journal of Applied Psychology. This issue includes 4 articles on the topic of understanding work and employment in COVID-19 pandemic and 4 feature articles. Below, you will find titles, author information, DOI links, and keywords of this issue.

    Understanding Work and Employment in COVID-19 Pandemic

    Dormant tie reactivation as an affiliative coping response to stressors during the COVID-19 crisis.

    Seong Won Yang, Scott M. Soltis, Jason R. Ross, and Giuseppe (Joe) Labianca


    Keywords: dormant ties, social networks, coping, stressors, COVID-19 pandemic

    Working through an 'infodemic': The impact of COVID-19 news consumption on employee uncertainty and work behaviors.

    Seoin Yoon, Shawn T. McClean, Nitya Chawla, Ji Koung Kim, Joel Koopman, Christopher C. Rosen, John P. Trougakos, and Julie M. McCarthy


    Keywords: covid-19, uncertainty reduction theory, news consumption, goal progress, creativity

    The COVID-19 pandemic and new hire engagement: Relationships with unemployment rates, state restrictions, and organizational tenure.

    Robert E. Ployhart, William J. Shepherd, and Sam D. Strizver


    Keywords: new hires, job search, socialization, recruitment, engagement

    Talking about COVID-19 is positively associated with team cultural tightness: Implications for team deviance and creativity.

    Xin Qin, Kai Chi Yam, Chen Chen, Wanlu Li, and Xiaowei Dong


    Keywords: COVID-19 pandemic, crisis talk, cultural tightness, deviance, creativity

    Feature Articles

    More tasks, more ideas: The positive spillover effects of multitasking on subsequent creativity.

    Chaitali Kapadia and Shimul Melwani


    Keywords: creativity, multitasking, energy spillover, cognitive flexibility, activation

    Incivility and creativity in teams: Examining the role of perpetrator gender.

    Daphna Motro, Trevor M. Spoelma, and Aleksander P. J. Ellis


    Keywords: incivility, creativity, teams, gender, positive affect

    Out of sight and out of mind? Networking strategies for enhancing inclusion in multinational organizations.

    Crystal I. C. Farh, Hui Liao, Debra L. Shapiro, Jiseon Shin, and Olivia Zhishuang Guan


    Keywords: inclusion, social capital theory, multinational organizations

    Where you came from and where you are going: The role of performance trajectory in promotion decisions.

    Guido Alessandri, José M. Cortina, Zitong Sheng, and Laura Borgogni


    Keywords: job performance, latent growth model, performance change, promotions

    Dual pathways to bias: Evaluators' ideology and ressentiment independently predict racial discrimination in hiring contexts.

    Tania Reynolds, Luke Zhu, Karl Aquino, and Brendan Strejcek


    Keywords: emotion, affect, ideology, hiring, discrimination

    Jenny Hoobler
    University of Pretoria
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