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Looking for Latinx survey participants

  • 1.  Looking for Latinx survey participants

    Posted 4 days ago
    Hello GDO community members,
    I am posting this request on behalf of a colleague who is completing her PhD in Ed Leadership.

    She is looking for Latinx to complete a survey, and will give $10 Amazon gift cards to people who complete the survey. The selection criteria are that participants should be 18+ years old, Latinx, living in US, and have achieved freshman status or higher in college (you do not need to be a current student, and she has had responses from people in their 70s).
    Please consider completing the survey if you meet the criteria, and share with colleagues/students on closed lists who might qualify. Please do not post on open public boards since this has lead to junk data for her study. Study details are below.


    Subject: $10 Amazon gift card if you complete my Latinx survey – your help is appreciated!

    I am giving participants a $10 Amazon gift card to complete my Ph.D. survey. My name is Andreia Gendera, and I am finishing my Ph.D. in Educational Leadership at Eastern Michigan University.

     I am looking for Latinx who are interested in participating in my dissertation research study. A $10 Amazon gift card will be awarded to each responder upon successful submission of an online survey through RedCap. To complete the survey, participants must:

    * be 18 years or older

    * be Latinx

    * live in the U.S

    * and must have achieved at least freshmen status in college (first-year undergraduate students all the way to post-doctoral students are welcome!)

    The survey link is: https://redcap.emich.edu/redcap/surveys/?s=AJ3CTTNNXD

    IRB approval: UHSRC-FY20-21-210 Quantitative Analysis of Contributing Factors of Career Success, Overall and Academic Resilience in Higher Education: A Refinement of Tinto's Theory to Stop Latinx Oppression

    Saenz (2005) in Farley and Haaga (2005) discuss that the Latinx community is the largest minoritized community in the United States, impacting the country's economy and society. Latinx tend to be on the lowest end of the socioeconomic ladder in the U.S, presenting low levels of education, low professional achievement, low-income levels, and high levels of unemployment and poverty, so my dissertation wants to address the root causes of those issues.

    The United States Census Bureau (2020) estimated that just 2 percent of the population 25 years and older have a doctorate degree in the U.S., where 1.47 percent is non-Hispanic White, 0.30 percent is Asian, 0.13 percent is Black, and only 0.1 percent is Hispanic of any race, including Latinx.  Being Latina myself, this research is very important to me and, I am sure, may help our community.

    Again, the link to my survey is https://redcap.emich.edu/redcap/surveys/?s=AJ3CTTNNXD.

    Andreia Gendera

    Eastern Michigan University

    Ph.D. Candidate in Education Leadership

    Joy Beatty
    Department Head
    Eastern Michigan University