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Tell us what diversity means to you

  • 1.  Tell us what diversity means to you

    Posted 07-03-2020 03:36

    Dear GDO colleagues

    Thanks to the fabulous work of Jennifer Stem and Eddy Ng, GDO has created a blog to celebrate diversity in our workplaces and communities.

    As Jenn has framed it  "As we are all striving to navigate through a multitude of situations and scenarios locally and globally, this is an important time to share the beauty and solidarity in the diversity that surrounds us. Sometimes the world won't listen, but it might see; sometimes the world won't look, but it might hear. Perhaps, in a small, but important way, our blog can catch someone's glance or set a whisper in their ear."

    Please visit our blog, aomgdo.tumblr.comand consider submitting an entry that includes a photo depicting diversity in your life and answers the following:

    Your name: 

    Your location: 

    Your job and affiliation: 

    Your diversity philosophy (10 words): 

    Why your picture represents diversity to you (5 words): 


    Email your entries to: aomgdotumblr@gmail.com.

    As we are preparing for our first virtual AOM, and exploring different ways to replicate the sense of connection that characterizes the GDO division's events at our annual conference, we are hoping to draw on these images to populate our Celebration of Success and other activities.  Please do share your images. We'd love to see you there.


    Alison Sheridan
    GDO Division Chair 2020
    UNE Business School
    University of New England, Armidale, 2351 AUSTRALIA
    61 2 67732367