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GDO Student AOM Registration Waivers

  • 1.  GDO Student AOM Registration Waivers

    Posted 07-10-2020 12:53

    Hello Doctoral Students

     As you all know, this year's Academy of Management (AOM) meeting will be primarily virtual. As a result, we will be adapting the traditional GDO Doctoral Student Consortium (DSC) from a full day of face-to-face panels that cover a wide array of topics to an abbreviated deep-dive discussion on a topic that is likely top-of-mind for all late-stage doctoral students - the job market.

    Consistent with the AOM theme of Broadening Our Sights, the Gender and Diversity in Organizations (GDO) Division invites you to join us for a discussion of Unpacking the Myth of "The Good Job": Realistic Job Previews Across Varying Types of Academic Institutions.  During this discussion, you will engage with scholars who will provide a realistic job preview into what it is like to be a junior faculty member across various types of academic settings. We will emphasize that there is no single path to success in academic life and no single definition of a "good job". Panelists will share personal examples of the benefits and challenges of work-life across different types of academic settings (e.g., research-focused; "balanced"; teaching-focused; non-management department; international; etc.) and share strategies for successfully crafting their academic identities in ways that are personally and organizationally meaningful.

    GDO is thrilled to offer up to 15 waivers for AOM registration for doctoral students attending the GDO Doctoral Student Consortium. To be eligible, your proposed research or dissertation topic should fall within the domain of GDO.  We also ask that you commit to attending the entire session on Saturday, August 8 from 8:30 -10:00 AM (EDT).

    These waivers will be awarded on a first come first serve basis, until all the waivers have been awarded.  Please send your name, email, proposed research or dissertation topic, and a statement indicating you are committing to attend the entire DSC to:

    Lex Washington (lex.washington@okstate.edu)
    and copy: Joy Beatty (jbeatty9@emich.edu) and Eddy Ng (eddy.ng@bucknell.edu)

    We look forward to welcoming and meeting you at the GDO DSC.

    Eddy Ng
    GDO PDW Chair

    On behalf of Alison Hall Birch and Jonathan Booth
    GDO Consortia Coordinators

    Eddy Ng
    Bucknell University