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GDO Call for Papers and Symposia for the 2021 Annual Meeting of AOM (Virtual Conference)

  • 1.  GDO Call for Papers and Symposia for the 2021 Annual Meeting of AOM (Virtual Conference)

    Posted 12-04-2020 10:41

    Hello GDOers

    On behalf of the Gender and Diversity in Organizations (GDO) division, I am thrilled to invite for paper and symposium submissions for presentation at the 81st Academy of Management meeting, which will be held virtually from July 30-August 3, 2021.

    The conference theme is "Bringing the manager back in management," which recenters the role of managers, whether at the frontline, middle, or executive level, or at the organizational, geographic, or global level. The theme calls for our scholarship to focus on helping managers deal with pressing issues confronting them in the short, medium, and long-term.

    Recent events such as revival of the Black Lives Matter movement, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the sudden and large-scale shift to telework may permanently alter the way we work and require us to rethink how we tackle systemic discrimination and equity concerns in organizations. Our scholarship in the GDO domain plays a critical role in tackling these challenges because we engage in organizational research and education that support social justice through the inclusion of marginalized voices.

    Many of our domain statements address the inherent inequities at work and the potential role for managers in tackling these challenges (see here for our division's domain statement). One example is the impact of organizational policies, practices, and discourses on dominant and marginalized groups, including critical examination of seemingly neutral assumptions underlying them, and their differential impact on these groups. Other examples include the intersection of work, family, and community in relation to one's social position, and institutional and structural barriers to equality and equity across social groups. We seek to address these managerial concerns, and I look forward to seeing how our submissions build on the annual theme. 

    The GDO Division recognizes the high quality of our conference papers through the annual awards of the Dorothy Harlow Best Paper Award, the Best Paper based on a Dissertation Award, the Best Student Paper Award, and the Transnational Research Paper Best Award. This year, we also have two award opportunities focused on the intersection of entrepreneurship, gender, and diversity, sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation. The Gender, Diversity, and Entrepreneurship Awards recognize the best paper and best student paper on these topics. More information about our awards is available here.   

    The submission system opens in early December 2020, and the submission deadline is Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 5:00PM ET.

    Eddy Ng
    GDO Program Chair
    E-mail: aomgdo@bucknell.edu

    Eddy Ng
    Bucknell University
    Lewisburg PA