Gender and Diversity in Organizations

GDO Plenary Session at AOM – Monday @ 3 pm

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Scheduled: Monday, Aug 7 2017 3:00PM – 4:30PM at Hilton Atlanta in Grand Ballroom D

GDO Plenary Session  
Division Chair: W E Douglas Creed; U. of Rhode Island;
Division Chair-Elect: Patrick F. McKay; Rutgers U.;
Program Chair: Donna Blancero; Bentley U.;
Professional Development Workshop Chair: Alison Sheridan; U. of New England;
Organizer: Payal Kumar; Xavier Labour Relations Institute;
Organizer: Lorianne D. Mitchell; East Tennessee State U.;


Exploring Discrimination in the Workplace in a Divisive Political Climate

The racist, homophobic and sexist undertones that permeated American politics during the 2016 U.S. presidential election (Salaita, 2006; Parker & Barreto, 2014), and the xenophobic sentiments that gave rise to the Brexit decision are examples of a divisive political climate that have led to an increase in workplace racism and violence ((Bourn, 2016; Kleebauer, 2016; Allan, 2016).

The purpose of this plenary is to discuss the interface of politics, diversity and the workplace, which is aligned to the All-Academy Theme, At the Interface. This is also aligned to the vision of the GDO to “support social justice through the inclusion of marginalized voices in member’s research and practice”. It is envisaged that this plenary session and the ensuing discussions in breakout groups will generate greater interest in creating inclusive and high-performing climates in organizations globally.

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