Gender and Diversity in Organizations

GDO in need of a Secretary

GDO is in need of a Secretary. This position is an important one within the division as the Secretary works closely with the Division Chair and manages the communication and scheduling within the leadership of GDO.

The GDO Secretary supports the division through several different activities:

  • Schedule Executive Committee (EC) meetings
  • Compile agendas and documents in preparation for the meetings
  • Take minutes for the 3-4 conference call meetings for the EC
  • Take minutes at the EC meeting at the Academy of Management annual meeting
  • Manage PPT slides at social events at the Academy of Management annual meeting
  • Distribute minutes to the EC
  • Maintain the EC and GDO Officer lists

This position provides an excellent opportunity to get involved with and contribute to the GDO Division. If you are interested, please contact me.

Doug Creed
2017 GDO Division Chair

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