Gender and Diversity in Organizations

Parasuraman Award

Parasuraman Award

The Parasuraman Award, is presented annually by the Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division to the individual or individuals who published the best journal article in the field of gender and diversity in the calendar year preceding the award. The intent of the award is to highlight scholarly activity in the field of gender and diversity and to encourage further scholarly activity within our field.





2015 Committee
Janet Barnes-Farrell (Chair), Alison Sheridan, Fernanda Wagstaff, David Baldridge, Andrew Wang




Winners 2014 (sponsored by Greenleaf Publishing)

Michael L. McDonald & James D. Westphal for for “Access denied: Low mentoring of women and minority first-time directors and its negative effects on appointments to additional boards.” Academy of Management Journal, 56, #4, 1169-1198, 2013.





Past Recipients


2013 Belle Rose Ragins, Jorge A. Gonzalez, Kyle Ehrhardt, & Romila Singh for “Crossing the threshold: The spillover of community racial diversity and diversity climate to the workplace.” Personnel Psychology, 65, 755-787, 2012. 
2012 Eden B. King, Jeremy F. Dawson, Michael A. West, Veronica L. Gilrane, Chad I. Peddie, and Lucy Bastin for
Why Organizational and Community Diversity Matter: Representativeness and the Emergence of Incivility and Organizational Performance.” Academy of Management Journal, 54 (6), 2011. 
2011 David R. Hekman, Karl Aquino, Bradley P. Owens, Terence R. Mitchell, Pauline Schilpzand and Keith Leavitt for “An Examination of whether and how racial and gender biases influence customer satisfaction”
2010 Aparna Joshi and Hyuntak Roh for “The role of context in work team diversity”.
2009 Lars-Eric Petersen and Jorge Dietz for “Employment Discrimination: Authority Figures’ Demographic Preferences and Followers’ Affective Organizational Commitment.
Patrick McKay, Derek Avery and Mark Morris for “Mean Racial-Ethnic Differences in Employee Sales Performance: The Moderating Role of Diversity Climate.”
2008 David Harrison and Katherine Klein
for What’s the difference?  Diversity constructs as separation, variety, or disparity in organizations”.  2007, Academy of Management Review, 32(4), 1199-1228.




Past Committees



Maura Belliveau (Chair), Marla Baskerville Watkins, Martin Davidson, Danna Greenberg, Payal Kumar, Maria Fernanda Wagstaff

2013 Stacy Blake-Beard (Chair), Maura Belliveau, Alison Cook, Sonia Ghumman, and Jawad Syed
2012 Orlando Richard (Chair), Lisa Nishii, David BAldridge, Consuelo Garcia, Sonia Ghumman, Christine Mahoney
2011 Patrick Mckay (chair), Mustafa Ozbilgin, Jennifer Berdahl, Kathleen Campbell, Olivia (Mandy) O’Neill, Amy Randel
2010 David Kravitz (Chair), Judith Clair, Jorg Dietz, Lars-Eric Petersen, Susan Vinnicombe

David Harrison, Katherine Klein, Belle Rose Ragins, Hannah Riley-Bowles

2008 Gayle Baugh (Chair), Jeff Greenhaus, Sherry Sullivan.
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