Gender and Diversity in Organizations


GDO Votes 2013

Elections Results

Congratulations to our new officers:

  • Chair Elect: Charmine Hartel
  • Program Chair Elect: Douglas Creed
  • Executive Committee members (in alphabetical order): Jennifer Berdahl, Lisa Leslie, Isabel Metz, Corinne Post

All terms of office start at the end of the annual meeting in Boston

Thank you to all the candidates!

Every Spring, our division elects a Program Chair-Elect and new members for the GDO Executive Committee. Nominations are coordinated by the Past Chair.


The job descriptions for these positions are:

Program Chair Elect

The Program Chair-Elect is responsible for the GDO Professional Development Workshop and will serve as Program Chair, Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past Chair in subsequent years. Nominees for Program Chair-Elect should have a strong record of involvement in the division (e.g., committee chair experience), leadership and organizational skills, and a high level of involvement in diversity research.  The position requires a five-year commitment.

Executive Committee Members

Executive Committee members, together with other division officers, are responsible for the governance of the division. Typically, nominees for the Executive Committee have contributed to the division through service (e.g., reviewer, committee membership) or diversity research or both. The position typically requires a three-year commitment.


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