Gender and Diversity in Organizations


Janet Chusmir Distinguished Service Award

2016: Diana Bilimoria, Case Western University

Sage Award for Scholarly Contributions

2016: Nancy DiTomaso, Rutgers Business School

Dorothy Harlow Best Paper Award

2016: “Actions speak louder than words: Outsiders’ perceptions of diversity mixed messages” Leon Windscheid, University of Witten/Herdecke Lynn Bowes-Sperry, Western New England University Deborah Kidder, University of Hartford Michèle Morner, University of Witten/Herdecke Ho Kwon Cheung, George Mason University

Best Paper Based on a Dissertation Award

2016: “Heavy is the head that wears the crown? Employee reactions to a supervisor’s adiposity” Michael Johnson (University of Central Florida) Matthew Griffith (University of Central Florida)

Scholarly Contributions to Educational Practice Advancing Women in Leadership Sponsored by Simmons School of Management/Center for Gender in Organizations

Saroj Parasuraman Award for Outstanding Paper on Gender and Diversity

2016: “Task segregation as a mechanism for within-job inequality: Women and men of the transportation security administration” - Administrative Science Quarterly Curtis K. Chan, Harvard Business School Michel Anteby, Boston University

Best Student Paper Award

2016: “Faculty gender diversity and university performance: The role of diversity climate” David Mendelsohn, Teacher’s College, Columbia University Elissa Perry, Teacher’s College, Columbia University
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